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 Donating Account and Money!

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Mod Reece

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PostSubject: Donating Account and Money!   Sat May 02, 2009 5:13 am

Donating Money
(Donator Ranks will be created not long till I have finished them, So for now it's staff postitions.

Step 1.

Offer your money amount for donation, In this thread.

Step 2.


Emailing Money -
Disabled - Email Money (Looking for information)
Mailing Money -
Enabled - Mail money by posting it.

Step 3.

Email your money to:
*********@*******.*** - Disabled.
Mail your money to:

Country: Australia
State: Western Australia
City: Perth
Post Code: 6058
Suburb: Forrestfield
Address: 31 Cantua Way
Phone Number: (**) **** ****
- Disabled.

Step 4.

Send it, tell me your In-Game name, Then you will get
staff or 3-20 99 skills depending on amount.

Thanks! santa Donate Smile
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Donating Account and Money!
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