Out-Limit pking server
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Out-Limit pking server

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 Skillz0rz Apleecashun :D

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PostSubject: Skillz0rz Apleecashun :D   Sun May 03, 2009 8:21 am

Hello everyone of Out Limit!!!!!!!

This is my aplleeecasshhunnn for forum staff. Heere ai goo! Very Happy

Rolling Eyes

What would I do as staff? Clean boards without making it look empty. Making sigs for people. Maybe GFX team I can make one...

In game name: Skillz0rz

What is the server name? Out-Limit

Who is the Owner? Mod Reece

Who are the Co-Owners? Zoe (Hidden) and Mod Brandon Smile

Who are the admins? Obby is one that I know of.

Any mods that you know? Well one of my friends is Lukastx Razz

I have no clue where this goes but Seraki or something is also staff just forgot which kind xD

Which staff position would you like? Any staff position on the forums. I would like to be forums staff because there are no Forum Moderators that I currently know of and I would greatly appreciate being first.

How old are you? Im 13 on May 5th Very Happy

Why do you want to become staff? I want to become staff on forums because I know there arent many staff members who look at all the posts because there aren't many of them. I use proper grammer and am never mean. BTW I know I spelled appleecashun wrong but this way is better Very Happy

Any other comments? Well I live in the EST zone. I love this server. Yeah thats all for now and thank you very much for reading

THANKS! -Skillz0rz

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Mod Reece

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PostSubject: Re: Skillz0rz Apleecashun :D   Mon May 04, 2009 7:43 am

You seem very very confident. You are...:


Although you will NOT be moderator In-Game only on forums. Until you proove to me I can really trust you.

Proud Out-Limit Owner!
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Skillz0rz Apleecashun :D
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