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Out-Limit pking server

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 unknown pkers mod app!

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unknown pker

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PostSubject: unknown pkers mod app!   Sun May 03, 2009 9:25 am

. Tell us your game name. my name is "unknown pker" .

2. Tell us your real name, age and sex. my real name is sam im 15 and i am a male.

3. What would you do as an Moderator, Administrator or Forum Moderator?i would do what ever i could to help the server grow, and keep the economy level and stop people from breaking the rules.

4. Do you have any experience as a staff member? yes i do.

5. Why should we pick you over anyone else?because i have helped people out, i like helping people out and i play quite regularly.

6. Are you organized? If yes or no, tell me why.yes, i am very organized i dont like being messy Very Happy.

7. On a daily basis, how long do you play on your computer, depending if school days around 3-4 hours if weekend maybe 5-7... depends in my mood.

8. Will you respect your other fellow players of Out-Limit? of course

9. How would you improve the server if you have been chosen? i would give suggestions to reece and if he took them on board you may see my ideas on the server.

10. Are you already a Moderator/Administrator? nope. i wish

11. Addition details, (tell us things about yourself). i live in scotland.. is veryy low down atm, if you wanna know why just ask. ;o plays private servers alot... and uhh if you wanna know anything else just ask me im a very open person and you can find me on msn at "w33_c0yz4@hotmail.co.uk" or on the server or the chatbox for out-limit.no.nr ;D bye

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mod 0bby

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PostSubject: Re: unknown pkers mod app!   Sun May 03, 2009 1:56 pm

very good app we will reply asap
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unknown pkers mod app!
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