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 silent's mod app

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PostSubject: silent's mod app   Sun May 03, 2009 9:47 am

1. silent

2. allie, female, 16

3. i would help further the out-limit community to become better. i would also help every player if they needed it.

4. yes, ive been head mod on 3 different servers, ive been admin on 2 different servers and a co-owner.

5. well, you should pick me because i stay active, i am very respectful, i know what i am doing and because im like the bestest Very Happy

6. i dont really understand this question but i have my life in order between school, boyfriends, computer, runescape. but hope that helps?

7. i play about an hour a day, but can play more it depends, but on weekends i love to play for hours Very Happy

8. i like to respect other players, i like to hear what others have to say.

9. well, as a mod i would keep dupers off and i would keep the server stable and sane.

10. im currently a regular player.

11. well, i love to play real runescape and this. i live in connecticut. i love being admin Razz, but yeah i love to have fun and joke. but moreover i have straight "A's" in school. im a souphmore and i can drive :DD!

thank you for looking at my moderator application Very Happy

(edited by 0bby on a few things!)
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mod 0bby

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PostSubject: Re: silent's mod app   Sun May 03, 2009 1:54 pm

wow very nice app the best ive seen 2 day so we will decide 2 moro as we are busy and since it depends on wat the other staff think of u
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silent's mod app
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