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 Best deal ever!

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Mod Reece

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PostSubject: Best deal ever!   Mon May 04, 2009 7:33 am

Hey guys,

I have noticed that my accounts for donations have lacked..

So I thought to myself, I need a PvP pking account on Runescape!

An account with 60-70 attack, 73-99 strength, 1-45 defence. Also member or non member with some good items for PvP and some cash. It would earn you co-owner! The first person to this deal wins the co-owner position!

Starting 9:33 PM Monday western Australian standard time. Do the deal before its too late! Any scamming or getting your account back on Runescape, will result in a ban.

Out-Limit's team.

Proud Out-Limit Owner!
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Best deal ever!
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