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 FunPk/PkBox (Mod Reece C Read this)

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empty myst

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PostSubject: FunPk/PkBox (Mod Reece C Read this)   Sat May 09, 2009 3:53 am

Hey, Cool
Because most ppl wanna fight but ONLY if ppl Gbs so i suggeting a FunPk option,
why Funpk? : Cause Dc's i already lost 2 times my items in Gbs Sad
(1v1) + Wildy lv 20
Pkbox I suggest this cause it takes to long walking to a high lvl wildy
Why Pkbox? : Cause its more likely to also fight higher lvl's
(1v1 + Multi) + Wildy lv 35 or Less

-Empty Myst Very Happy
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FunPk/PkBox (Mod Reece C Read this)
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