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 Rules of Out-Limit

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PostSubject: Rules of Out-Limit   Sat May 02, 2009 4:08 pm

Site Rules While using our site/forum you must comply to theses rules, abusing any of theses rules are subject to any of the featured punishments listed below the rules.

Rule 1: Spam SPAM is classified as any message that does not conform to the topic of the thread, or is a one or two word response. For example, in a thread about Runescape, a post which contains a simple * lol * and nothing more will be considered as SPAM and disciplinary action will be taken against you, also making multiple threads about the same topic are considered spam and are strictly forbidden. Another note, we hold the right to lock any post for spam prevention purposes.

Rule 2: Edit, don't repost Instead of making an entire new thread/post, simply click the edit button. It is located on the upper right-hand corner of your original post. Posting again instead of editing falls under the SPAM rule.

Rule 3: Caps Lock Please do not type in all caps, make sure that little light on the corner of your keyboard is off. Deletion of threads may occur otherwise

Rule 4: No Flaming Flaming is essentially nonconstructive criticism, belittling, etc. This breeds a hostile forum environment and is not allowed in any form.

Rule 5: Post in the Correct Forum Make sure that you post your topic in the correct section. For example, a post about your new staker isn't exactly necessary for the community as a whole to see, but belongs instead in the Runescape General section.

Rule 6: No asking to be a Admin/Moderator We will make people mods who we think are good people who post intelligently and help other members. It is not your responsibility to direct us on modding others. Asking for modship or a moderator recommendation is a good way to make sure you will not be chosen for modship.

Rule 7: Search Please use the search feature before making a new topic, to find what you are looking for. This feature is most helpful when searching for an answer to a question, or looking for News/guides. Just make sure you don't post in topics that have not been posted on in over a month old, because the topic has already died which means the discussion is over.

Rule 8: Be Polite Respect others and treat them how you would like to be treated.

Rule 9: Old Posts It is NOT allowed. Bumping old topics that are more than a month old will result in an official warning. If this activity persists, it will be followed up by a more severe punishment, such as a temporary ban. This is only allowed if your bump is relevant to the grave post.

Rule 10: Scamming and Infected Files Any incident of scamming will result in a permanent ban. The same goes for posting of keylogged files. Please remember to scan any files you download. This will not be tolerated in any way. For these offenses, we do not care if your brother, dog, sister, hamster, mother, or half-uncle did it. You will be banned all the same to prevent further scam attempts originating from your household.

Rule 11: Signatures & Avatars No inappropriate Avatars or signatures.

Rule 12: Warez/Porn Please do not post anything that can be considered WareZ. They are illegal and can result in this site being shut down. Also do not post any pornography or anything that can be considered so. Warez is defined as illegally obtained software.

Rule 13: Moderator or Administrators Decision Please do not question moderator or admin decisions in public forums. Anyone who does this in the open will be given an immediate warning. You may question the decision by sending a private message to them.. If someone is banned they were banned for a reason, we do not ban people randomly. Please do not ask about why people were banned.

Rule 14: Reporting Posts If someone is breaking any rules please message a moderator. He/She will get to it ASAP. Please also report posts that need to be closed such as completed threads in marketplace, on answered questions. Sending in false reports will result in a punishment being handed out. Do not post in a topic that it needs to be locked, instead message a moderator who will lock it. Posting this way only inflates your post count, and you will be branded as a ?post-count-whore.?

Rule 15: Plagiarism Any Kind of plagiarism (taking stuff without asking) will not be tolerated. This includes graphics, and written work. You must say where you got the info. Posting a little info and giving credit to where you got it from is not plagiarism, thats fair use.

Rule 16: Swearing There is not a swear filter at Out-Limit.co.nr, but it would be appreciated if appropriate word use was commonplace.

Rule 17: Advertising We do not allow people to create topics advertising personal websites. You may have links to personal websites in your Signature only, if they are not illegal in anyway.

Rule 18: Double, Triple, Quadruple posting Double, Triple, Quadruple posting etc... is not accepted here. If it is your first time on a double post the punishment will be an un-official warning If it is more than a double post or another offence you may receive a ban or possibly a deletion of topic.

Rule 19: Black Market Rules Only post if you are buying or selling characters, items & gold. Do not tell them they overpriced an item or anything, it is the topic holders choice of what they are selling it for, if you think it is over priced do not post saying it, buy from someone else. Only exception to this rule is if the person is trying to scam people. Do NOT advertise your product in another person's post. When selling a character, you MUST take a screen shot of the characters stats, also taking a picture of the characters recovery's and when they were set, we like to call this the login page(the screen shown right after you login showing the message of today), along with removing the characters name from the picture, and to make your post fully believable, in the chatbox on Runescape, put a little message such as "Hi Out-Limit this is "Yourname" selling this "black pure 450k!" "Buy me!" "Req Set!" or something similar.

Rule 20: Title of Topic The title of your topic must say what you are selling/buying/trading for. Any topic titles such as "Read this!" are forbidden. Your topic must NOT be in ALL caps! As this is distracting, and makes the forum look messy.

Rule 21: Runescape Accounts Anything to do with trading runescape accounts is risky, and is limited to the black market.

Rule 22: Being Banned If you're banned you're aloud back on Out-limit but not on the same account. If you use someone else's account, like a friend, they might be banned for helping you evade a ban. Basically, if use another account and we find out, it will be banned too.

Rule 23: Inappropriate Media Anyone posting any kind of graphic nudity at all will be banned permanently.

Rule 24: Selling tangibles No Real World Item Trading. For example, no selling your XBox 360 here. Some things that ARE permitted are steam accounts and other virtual things with real world value.

Punishments Depending on the severity of your offense you may receive, an unofficial warning, official warning, a temporary ban, or a permanent ban.

Unofficial Warning This is just a private message from a mod or an admin, warning you of your behavior.

Official Warning This is an actual warning that will show up in the post you were warned about.

Temporary Ban In special circumstances people may be banned for a short period of time depending on how bad their offense was.

Permanent Ban Permanent Bans are issued when you are a lost cause. This means forever.

Forum Specific Some forums have specific rules posted within them. Please obey those rules.

These rules are subject to change without notice. Please check them often. If you would like to suggest a rule addition, send a private message to Mod Reece, Mod Zoe or Mod Brandon.

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Rules of Out-Limit
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